2016 is about to go with lots of changes and leaves many challenges for us in coming years. 2017 is approaching and many marketing experts have decided to follow some strategies to increase organic traffic and generate revenue for their clients. But before following your strategies, first, consider these below trends that may rule the next year. If your strategies are not as per these trends then it might be harmful to you as well as your clients. Need to stay ahead in throat cut competition, One needs to keep concentration on these below trends.


Optimized Mobile Apps

There is no dearth of saying that no businessman is wanting to build a business without a mobile app. The mobile app has been becoming an important factor for brand exposure in this next year. We have seen that desktop searches are beaten by mobile searches, it clearly shows that mobile app is the significant factor to stay ahead in this competitive field.

Nowadays people love mobile devices to surf the Internet; it means that the era of the desktop will no longer active in the future. Already, many brands have been started to make store mobile friendly or create a mobile app for the online store in 2015 and will continue in the coming years to be engaged with consumers all the time without any hassles.  Do you know that digital media is 52% more consumed by mobile applications than the previous year? This shows the importance of it in the current digital world.

The mobile app is one of the significant factors to keep consumers engaged with your store, it is mandatory to optimize in better ways so that customers love to download & use a mobile app. you have seen that when searching for any app from the store, it displays only name and app icons with very less information. So, it’s our task to display such information with visually engaging and attract visitors to click for more information. Always consider app reviews seriously, otherwise, it may harm your brand. If you found any review related to errors and then solve it ASAP & notify them that you have solved it.

Remember: SEO is Changed

A person who thinks that SEO is still SEO & not changed then he is not able to increase website reputation anymore & go for another job. SEO has been becoming synonymous with content marketing. Search engines put more weight on social media & content, SEO is no longer able to stand on its own. Traditional SEO will not only help business owners to increase web traffic but may cause harm & might be possible that the website will be panelized by search engines. Now, most of the agencies hire social media experts and content marketers to create high-quality content & hand over to SEO guys for optimization. From the very beginning, content should be produced SEO friendly. It is mandatory that that content marketers & social media experts should have an understanding of SEO.

Before few years, link building & other traditional tactics are used to rank a website in search engines but now the scenario is changed. Now it’s time to build an online presence on people’s mind. Shareable content will help brands to stand out in the crowd.

Structured Data: A Significant Factor

To understand the intent of search in a better way, Google announced the latest machine-learning system named “RankBrain”. This is the newest part of Hummingbird algorithm of Google. Structured data is considered as a third most important ranking signal by Google.

If you are not aware of the Structured data and reading this first time then you need to take it seriously. I want to ask that have you ever thought that why some search results show yellow stars, rating & reviews, prices etc. above meta description??? This is all because of Structured data. For a nontechnical person, this is a new word but for Local SEO Agency knows it very well & use this to rank a website in search engine with more informative data. It can be done with the help of schema.org which provides sets of resources for tagging the data on the website.

Now think all you done, but how you can check that structured data is working properly or not. No worry, There is a tool of Google named Structured Data Testing Tool which is used to test schema implementation is proper or not.

Site Layout is more important

Now in this time, customer engagement is in the center of online marketing. In the throat cut competition, brands should have to keep focusing on engagement to stick visitors to the website. Till now, SEO is the key to getting high online presence but now the time is gone. Site features like layout, images, themes will be a significant part of the new content battleground. Do you know that due to lack of proper information a visitor want, nearer about 50% of sales are just lost? Now you will be understood that what is the importance of Site Layout.

Question: what is the meaning of good Site Layout?

It means that site should be easy for visitors to navigate, showing the information that a visitor want in a better manner, proper drop-down menu, internal search especially for eCommerce sites etc. Just visit your own website as a visitor and see how your website is responding. This is the best idea to check your website layout working properly or not.